Cooking under the influence® —  We all do it:  cook under the influence, that is.  Influence of a parent, grandparent, famous chef, fellow cook, teacher, student.   In my case, it’s all of those and more.

Today’s CUI:  A lady at a fruit stand in California.  It may have been the famous Casa de Fruta … anyway, she overheard me say I’d be eating Mission figs for a week because my family would shriek the moment they saw them.  I was still going to bring the flat home with me, they were gorgeous.  She said “Eat some out of hand, but make the rest into preserves.  Simple!    Just toss this and this and this ….”

It’s easy, versatile, freezes well, and has a wow factor.  works for me!

Fig Jam – Great with cheeses, as a cake filling, or put some capers and olives into it to serve with meat.