Learning Curves

I’ve always believed that there are a few things in the world that one can spend a lot of time on and never be quite satisifed with the outcome, no matter how great it is:  Food.  Golf.  Writing.  And to that I add, websites.   I’m getting there … but even if the site is not quite where I want it, I am ready to start teaching again. Check out the class calendar, and let me know what you’d like to see offered if you don’t see it already.

Check out today’s New York Times:  Jose Andres shows us the method for the perfect fried egg.   It looks a lot like the method we used in food styling class, to make a perfect egg-while-it’s-frying, with the whole bathing-in-oil thing.  Somehow, I can’t see the legendary Egg Men in Las Vegas hunched over a single egg in a pan like this, but no doubt they could if they wanted.