Monthly Archives: November 2012

Double Nickels, baby!

I’m 55 now.  It looks old in print, but it feels about the same as 54.  Heck, it feels the same as 30, and I’m sure that after another wild week of socializing, I’ll feel 95.  But for now, it’s all good. The family is healthy and moving forward.  Here’s what I learned this year:

-While I do have another challenge in me, others may beg to differ.  So I’ll do my own challenges and be happy with that.

-I should keep this type of musing for New Year’s.

-Lifting “light weights for many reps” is for wussies.   I look and feel stronger after 3 months of Chalene Extreme, than after a year of personal training.

-The day wearing pink, walking, and eating packaged yogurt is proven to cure something, I’ll do it.  Until then, fuhgedit