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Great Haul at the Pleasantville Farmers Market

My husband may beg to differ.  He comes from the generation that knows brussels sprouts ashose blocks of frozen goodness*, thawed, heated, and covered in Velveeta.  Not at all like what I found at the Market today — fresh,

tender, firm, and ready to be sauteed with pears and brown butter, or with pancetta and garlic and balsamic.

(* I couldn’t find a single picture of the brussels sprouts of our youth, on Google OR Bing!  Thank goodness for that.)




I snagged more Rainbeau Ridge Goat Cheese for my winter stash, and hit the BuddhaPesto stand — great texture, color, flavor, and I love the name.




Some days I think I have the best life — got to be a judge at the annual Apple Pie contest at the above-named market.  The pies were beautiful:  shiny sugar crusts, short crusts, double-crusts, crumb topped, latticed.  The apples were sweet, tart, firm, spiced, spiked, paired with raisins and nuts; sliced thin and chunked.   There was even a tarte tatin.    Great efforts — sure wish everyone could have won.

The Stats:  Number of pies tasted:  18.   How many I could have fit in my big-a**ed purse:  3.  Number of fellow native Midwesterners I met at the vegetable stand:  1.    What my husband said when he saw the Brussels Sprouts:  gah.





Good for her, sad for us!

There are changes in store for Rainbeau Ridge — wonderful Lisa is leaving for Beijing, and operations and programs there will be curtailed or suspended.  While I loved the cooking classes I took in her cozy kitchen, and my kid loved the goats he tended as a volunteer, we are trying hard not to panic about goat cheese production being halted after this season! I started stockpiling first at n  Mt. Kisco Seafood, and will grab some more at the Pleasantville Farmers Market this weekend.